Making a Move into a Sustainability Career?

In recent months I've had a number of conversations with young professionals looking to make their first forays into their careers in sustainability. I've also had similar conversations with others seeking advice in making a career change from professions broadly allied with infrastructure across into the sustainability profession within the infrastructure and construction sector. For me, having a background and... Continue Reading →

Driving Change: Setting Sustainability Strategy at Group Level – Five Key Observations on the Initial Stages

For today's post I thought I'd introduce the first of a series of brief posts on the process I'm currently working through with the Aveng Group - this is the development of the Group's first serious and genuine sustainability strategy, or rather more accurately the integrated sustainability pillar of the overarching organisational strategy. So what have been... Continue Reading →

EY Sustainability Materiality Think Tank – Reflections and Insights

I was fortunate enough this week to be invited to an industry sustainability think tank, hosted by the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team at EY in Melbourne. The topic of the think tank session was sustainability materiality. Quite a pertinent topic for me as I lead the Aveng Group through the development of the... Continue Reading →

My Top Five Tips for Working With Others to Achieve Sustainability Outcomes

For this first post on the revamped blog I thought I'd dive into something that virtually all sustainability practitioners and change-makers will be and need to be involved with on a frequent basis.  That is working with others to achieve sustainability-focussed outcomes. Including others who are not so well versed in the concept, theories and practicalities of... Continue Reading →

New Sustainability Blog!

After reviving my sustainability blog site late last year after a lengthy hiatus and more recently discussions with helpful folks (thank you – you know who you are) I’ve decided to relaunch the blog with a renewed name and a renewed focus – a renewed focus on my thoughts, insights, experiences and knowledge related to the... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Thinking

Sustainability. It’s a term that’s seemingly bandied about everywhere these days. But what does this term “sustainability” even mean? That’s a common question among many and can still be relatively confusing in some ways (even amongst a group of sustainability professional peers recently devising a sustainability narrative for our industry proved not to be the... Continue Reading →

Sustainability – Making the Business Case

Aside from making the quantified dollars and cents business case for embracing sustainability as a broad concept or specific sustainability initiatives on an infrastructure construction project for example (which is obviously extremely important!), there are other important considerations in terms of your approach to keep in mind: Sustainability does not have to cost more. Value... Continue Reading →

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