New Beginnings

  So I’ve been a little busy lately and time just seems to have flown by in the last few weeks. But all in an exciting and fulfilling manner. The reason for my being busy? I’m pleased to say that I’ve taken on a new role, as Asia-Pacific Environment & Sustainability Director at large ASX-listed... Continue Reading →

What Being A Musician Has Taught Me About Achieving Sustainable Outcomes

Well, I’ve been on the move a bit in recent weeks, so it has been a bit of time between posts here I’m afraid. Plenty of time for reflections and general mulling however, and I have a few topics logged in the brain to share with you over the coming weeks. One of these musings... Continue Reading →

Driving Change: Setting Sustainability Strategy at Group Level – Five Key Observations on the Initial Stages

For today's post I thought I'd introduce the first of a series of brief posts on the process I'm currently working through with the Aveng Group - this is the development of the Group's first serious and genuine sustainability strategy, or rather more accurately the integrated sustainability pillar of the overarching organisational strategy. So what have been... Continue Reading →

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