A Humbling Experience

Last week I was highly honoured and incredibly humbled to receive the 2017 ISCA Individual Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability Award.


It was genuinely humbling to be singled out in amongst a wealth of individuals and teams that are doing some absolutely fantastic work in this space. It was also humbling for all the congratulations I’ve been receiving over this past week. Thank you everyone.

As I said in my acceptance speech on the night, the fact that the three finalists were all female is a fantastic thing. It goes to show that there are some amazing women doing some amazing things in what has been a traditionally male-dominated industry. So well done to my fellow finalists Liz Root and Reanna Harper too.


And a big thank you to my, now former, employer (more on that in a post to follow) McConnell Dowell and my former Executive General Manager, Samantha Johnson in particular. Without the trust that Sam had placed in me it would have been very difficult to do half the things I’ve done in recent years in getting sustainability better understood in McConnell Dowell and the parties with which I worked, and “on the table” so to speak.

And one doesn’t do things in isolation or on ones own – there are teams internally to an organisation, externally, mentors, guides and wonderful peers to talk to and bounce ideas around with. In that respect I thanked Glenn Hedges, Rick Walters and Renuka Sabaratnam on the night and I thank you guys again here.

And of course a big thank you to Ainsley Simpson, Antony Spring and the whole team at ISCA. Again, as I said on the evening, you guys are doing some amazing things and pushing things along and so that makes people like me want to push things along and join in with the “doing” of amazing things too!

The folks at ISCA put together a fabulous video story from the 2017 ISCA Annual Conference and Awards, featuring some fantastic industry players (and muggins here) talking about sustainability. Check it out:




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