Developing a Business Case for Sustainability Initiatives in Infrastructure – Free Webinar to Stream or Download!

I’ve had the enormous privilege over the past three plus years of being Co-Chair of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) Contractor’s Working Group. At the end of last year, and with much hard work from a talented bunch of sustainability professionals in the construction sector, we published a “How to” Guide on development a business case for sustainability initiatives (download your free copy of the Guide here:

The aim of the guideline is to assist practitioners to prepare convincing business cases appropriate to the scale and type of a proposed initiative and its stakeholders.

And a couple of weeks ago we hosted a webinar to partner the guide, walking through an 8 step process to business case development and how it can help practitioners influence project sustainability outcomes.

The webinar was recorded so I thought I’d share with you here today. All yours to view here!

And you can also view the webinar via the ISCA website here:


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