Resilience in Major Infrastructure Projects

Oh my goodness - how time flies when one is having fun! It was 8th March last time I posted and here we are now at the end of April! Anyway, I do have a couple of posts in the offing, but I thought I'd offer this up to share in the meantime (and at... Continue Reading →


Celebrating the Wonderful Women in Infrastructure

In my last post I mentioned that one of the topics I wanted to talk about was about women in sustainability or women in infrastructure more broadly. Well, the lovely folks at ISCA gave me a good reason to get my backside into gear and commit my thoughts to page (well, screen more accurately!) by... Continue Reading →

A Humbling Experience

Last week I was highly honoured and incredibly humbled to receive the 2017 ISCA Individual Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability Award. It was genuinely humbling to be singled out in amongst a wealth of individuals and teams that are doing some absolutely fantastic work in this space. It was also humbling for all the congratulations I've... Continue Reading →

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